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Why Aluminum

Aluminum has many beneficial features as compared to other packaging material. With Aluminum, engineers, designers and manufacturers are presented with the flexibility to utilize it vast physical characteristics. In comparison to other metals, it has less weight, easy to handle and cost effective to ship. Aluminum also has high strength and corrosion resistance. Some other properties, which makes it the perfect metal to shape bottles are:
  1. Best to shape and decorate
  2. Possibilities of exclusive shapes & formats which adds value and preeminence to the products
  3. Impermeable and 100% recyclable : Aluminum bottles can be recycled infinite times, without affecting its quality.
  4. With aluminum bottles, brand status can be made exemplary as it has looks and style, which augments the product's value.
  5. High point-of-sale appeal, as aluminum bottles can have prodigious shaping and sensational decorating options